WEBERSPORS Z33 debuted at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2011. With the Edge Line being emphasized and the design being unified from the front to the rear it created a cool design which excited the crowd at the event.
It created a design that matches any kind of situation on the asphalt and is exactly the concept of “GROUND EFFECT” that WEBERSPORTS strives for.
AND this emphasized Face Line is the “Top of the Line” being named “ZENITH LINE” engraving a new page in the history of WEBERSPORTS.
The Daytime Running Lamp that fits into the front bumper is consciously models that of an import car and lightens a broad (wide) area and range.
The Rear Bumper is completed as if it is a diffuser conscious of a GT car and the broadened Front Air Intake overall gives a good balance giving it a very COOL image.
By installing the optional Under Panel and Rear Spoiler it not only enhances the design but also raises the Aerodynamic Performance.